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Not Your Average


The Black Collective is a therapy group for Black men, women, and gender non-binary people who are ready to engage in racially conscious therapy. This group provides a space for you to show up, find community, and learn more about yourself in relation to others. 

You will have the opportunity to understand what draws you closer and further away from others, experiment with different behaviors to cultivate the relationships you want, and join a community where you feel supported while also challenging yourself. 



The space I provide with The Black Collective culminates from years of witnessing how racism, sexism, and oppression can affect mental health. No more overlooking these important factors in your well-being! 

The Black Collective is a place where Black people can go for therapy that is responsive to their cultural issues and values. 

Are you sick and tired of...

Feeling like no one can relate to your experiences? That what you’ve gone through is so astounding, bizarre, uncommon, and unique that no one could possibly understand your perspective or struggle(s). You feel so alone and at times you may accept this, but in the back of your mind, you wonder if you have to because you really don’t want to.  

Having all of your relationships end the same way despite your efforts to do something different? You’ve tried to be more flexible, patient, open, vulnerable, but you’re still not getting the outcomes you want. You’ve gone back and forth in your mind, replaying certain interactions, and wondering if you did something wrong or could have done something different. Group gives you a chance to experiment with different behaviors and get feedback about how you impact the people around you. Want to practice expressing your needs, navigating conflict healthily, apologizing genuinely? 

Being triggered in relationships and not knowing why? Maybe you’ve snapped at someone for something they perceived as small or ghosted friends and family. Alternatively, maybe you felt a strong connection to someone you just met. You want to dig deep to better understand your inclination to move closer or away from certain people. 

Your mood dictating your desire to socialize? Perhaps you’re experiencing depression or anxiety and your body is compelling you to stay home or in bed. Then when you do build up the energy to go out and be social, you’re drained by the end of it. 

Performing to fit in? Have you learned to shift the way you talk, dress, do your hair, or other parts of yourself in order to fit into different spaces, particularly White spaces? Honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity are valued in group. So is that internal dialogue you may find yourself having as you talk yourself through certain situations. 

Providing Meaningful Change

A safe space where you can unpack your emotions and heal.

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Learn how old relationships influence new ones


Receive support that values your intersecting identities


Experiment with new ways of engaging


Practice vulnerability and living authentically


Dr. Morgan helped to create such a non-judgemental and affirming space. This allowed me to take more risks and be more vulnerable. Dr. Morgan radiates warmth and acceptance.

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You Deserve A Space to Heal
Where You Feel Valued

Getting Started Is Simple

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Join The Black Collective and embrace
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